Friday, 15 February 2013

Number 5

So at the end of my last blog, I had left the ball in Number 5's court to see how he would play, after he had proved to be a bit rubbish at communication....

Well, over the next few days, Number 5 not only fouled a couple of times but he missed some penalties, received a yellow card and then conceded the game.

Suffice to say, our fourth date was highly peculiar. I had been invited to dinner, then ended up eating alone after he confessed to having eaten a sandwich before he left home!! He then announced he needed an early night at 8:45 pm and left. There are many many many other oddities that happened, but the evening left me feeling that this was definitely not right. A few days later I rang him and invited him for dinner at my house and he went very quiet and then completely changed the subject. It was just odd, so I sent him a quick email asking him if everything was ok and received a gargantuan letter back. He listed a whole host of insecurities and problems, from trust issues to laziness, and ended it by saying he would probably frustrate the hell out of me with his ambivalence and lack of effort, and that I was better off without him. Sad and a real shame, but true.


I tried not to wallow in my misery for too long and after three long days, decided the best solution was to get back on the horse, so to speak.

I have lined up three more dates...

Number 6 is a financier.

Number 7 is a pharmacist and a musician. He's also only 5'6" tall! Oops. I had hastily read his profile and excitedly seen 6'5", not the other way round, haha. So let's just hope we're sitting down on the date.
And Number 8 is... oh God, I have no idea. In his profile under occupation, it said "Other". So for all I know, I could be meeting up with a Chippendale or a horse whisperer! Actually a combination of the two would suit me fine!

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Victoria said...

Good luck to you. I'm doing the same thing as you. keep sharing I need the chuckles. Good luck!