Monday, 22 December 2014

2014 in numbers.

I often look through my diary at the end of the year, to see what I’ve done, and to see where on earth my money has gone!

So this year looks like this:

59 Nights out with friends, either drinks or dinner or both.

5 Dinner parties (hosted)
8 Dinner parties (guest)
12 Trips to the cinema
19 Plays seen at the theatre
5 Ballets watched
16 Book launches or literary events attended
14 Weekends away, staying with friends or family
3 Holidays - New Orleans and Texas 2 weeks; Copenhagen 3 days; Wales 1 week.
4 Visits to the hairdressers
4 Massages
6 Manicures
2 Osteopathy appointments
8 Hospital visits
1 Knee operated on
1 Month post-surgery recuperation at Swiss Spa… aka Mum and Dad’s house in Hampshire

And finally, and you must sing this last line:

And a partridge in a pear tree.

Or rather... and a small mouse stuffed by me!

Happy Christmas one and all, and love and happiness for 2015.