Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Year's Resolutions

1. Learn Italian. 
I should really improve my French and Spanish first but I'm a hopeless romantic and Italian sounds just so so beautiful. It also justifies my idea of living in Rome one day, being the muse of a passionate artist and riding around on a Vespa. 

2. Learn more than two chords on my guitar. 
There are only so many songs you can play with two chords before it gets really irritating. Also, I must re-string my guitar. It's very possible that the sound will be better with more than three strings. 

3. Lose two stone. 
This will be done with exercise rather than food. I am a foodie and will not give it up. I eat well and healthily most of the time but have infuriating thyroid issues and slightly overindulge at weekends. It can be done. 

4. Get knees fixed. 
Surgery nine years ago temporarily fixed thinning cartilage and dodgy misplaced kneecaps. Now I have other problems. Not caused by weight, I am assured by my orthapedic surgeon, but it would definitely help recovery if I was lighter, hence number 3. 

5. Go to Copenhagen with my two girlfriends. 
We have tried to plan a long weekend away for the last 2 years. It's time girls. 

6. Travel down the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. 
Croatia is set to join the EU mid 2013. It would mean hiked tourism, commercialism, it would be more expensive and it might just ruin it a wee bit. I want to see it before that happens.

7. Visit Havana. 
Cuba has been slowly changing over the last few years, really since Raul Castro took over from his brother Fidel. Raul has loosened his communist grip, and as a result many people have better lives. But as he lifts restrictions on Cubans leaving the country and Obama lifts travel restrictions for US citizens visiting the country, more money will start to flood in, tourism will reach crazy levels and the faded 1950's Hemmingway-ed face of Havana will be no more. 

8. Get a boyfriend. 
It is the first week of January, I have joined an Internet dating site (again) and I have 3 dates arranged for next week: a council worker, a politician and a businessman (it sounds like the start of a very bad joke doesn't it?). This time, I am being very positive and pro-active, and have significantly lowered my standards. My search requirements are no longer: a 6'4" ex-rugby player who is university educated, good looking, charming, chivalrous, funny, well mannered, who loves the arts, can read a map, drives a Landrover, has a black Labrador called Monty and a house in the country. My new search is simply: a man, between the ages of 42 and 52. Wish me luck.  

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